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In point the formalized statement of the considered complex of tasks is carried out, allocation of consecutive stages of calculation is made, economic-mathematical dependences of indicators are defined.

Then the description of the block diagram of use of a complex of programs is provided (a tree dialogue in which is given the description of structure of dialogue and its contents, including appointment and sequence of a call of each mode and submode.

In the conditions of application of PEVM stages of domashinny and postmachine technology often are "greased" because of application of the dialogue mode. However when using PEVM for the solution of economic tasks, with large volumes of the processed information, there is a data exchange problem between separate cars. This problem is solved due to data transmission of a LAN, or due to application of "disketny technology".

It should be noted also a level of development of an automated workplace from which distinguish: construction standard/basic / the automated workplaces focused on groups of specific users; realization on the basis of standard automated workplaces of specialized/functional automated workplaces / for example, an automated workplace of the accountant, the analyst's automated workplace/; association of specialized automated workplaces in problem-oriented complexes within the local distributed systems of data processing.

By consideration of intra machine realization of a complex of tasks it is necessary to consider algorithms of calculation and the solution of tasks which are subdivided into algorithms on performance of work for obtaining rezultatny information and directly a formula of calculation of economic indicators, having considered sequence of carrying out calculations.