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Other reason of hysterical neurosis Zakharov calls a reverse side of such situation: not special attention to the child, and on the contrary, total absence of that. The children deprived of emotional attention in process of accumulation of deficiency of attention stage demonstrations. But, as a rule, will come across a misunderstanding wall - always the quiet and imperceptible child turns into the uncontrollable brawler. "You such are not pleasant to us" - parents as if speak. Such children call "unclaimed".

Very important point to which Zakharov attaches great value - the period till the child's birth. As far as the child will be desired in a family, in what state there is a family at the time of appearance of the child in a family.

A. I. Zakharov sees the reasons of children's neurosises in imperfection of the family relations. But, thus, the problem becomes similar to a vicious circle: parents bear the fears of a problem from the childhood, shifting them to shoulders of the overgrowing children, those in turn - to shoulders of the children. Also it is so possible to continue long until any of this chain stops and will reflect how to rectify this situation. Twist a conscious roditelstvo, that is full understanding responsibility as parent and the tutor to many mothers and fathers helped to solve problems of the family and to raise the children rather healthy. Children, feeling in parents, first of all love, finding a support and understanding more are painless the crisis moments of the life.

The ancient parable speaks: when to the ancient wise man young parents to which child there were 10 days came, and asked: "When to us to start bringing up the child?" On what the wise man answered them: "You were late for 9 months and 10 days".

Judging by the scale of distribution of this problem - in the near future we are threatened by a "full nevrotization of the population". The society consisting in the majority the of neurotics will not be able to exist harmoniously further. Than the problem of children's neurosises can turn back further, it is not necessary to speak.

Many parents perceive own child, as one more chance for an embodiment of own ambitions and unrealized opportunities. As well as than children of such parents pay off, in my opinion, it is not required to tell.