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On the other hand, the full companions who are not running business, having the right to achieve in a judicial proceeding the termination of the powers conferred to other companions (companion) for business management of association if these last roughly break the duties concerning association and do not observe its interests, are incapable of reasonable business management or there are other serious bases for such decision (item 2 of Art. 72 of group of companies).

Liquidation of association is made on the general bases of liquidation of legal entities. Carries a situation at which in association there is the only participant to number of special cases of the termination of association of Art. 81 of group of companies. The association cannot exist as "the company of one person" and is subject in this case to the termination. However at desire of the only remained participant he can carry out within six months transformation of such association to society where presence of the only participant is allowed (certainly, with observance of the general rules about preservation of the personal property responsibility on the debts of association which passed to society within two years)

In the presence of the serious bases, in particular at gross violation by one of participants of association of the duties or its found inability to reasonable business management, such participant can be expelled on court from association if about it the unanimous decision of the remaining participants (item 2 of Art. 76 of group of companies) took place. At an exception of association with the leaving participant calculations for rules of Art. 78 of group of companies are also made

Such responsibility lays down and on the participant who entered association after its creation (including according to the obligations which arose until its accession to association), and on the participant who left association and cannot be neither is excluded, nor limited under the agreement of participants (subitems 2 and 3 of Art. 75 of group of companies).