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From practice it is known, what not all grades equally prove in the same conditions of their cultivation therefore also realization of potential efficiency at different grades goes differently. Highly productive grades take out a large amount of nutrients from the soil, spend a lot of water therefore such grades demand a high agrotechnology. If such conditions are not present, potentially more productive grade not only does not give an increase, but can concede on productivity to other less productive, but also less exacting to cultivation conditions to a grade. Therefore, the differentiated approach to selection of grades is necessary. Especially it is important now when many farms cannot provide crops with high doses of fertilizers and a complex of protection of plants. It is quite obvious that the different high-quality structure is necessary for economically weak and strong farms.

The sheet of wheat consists of a vagina and a sheet plate. On a place of transition of a vagina to a plate there is a colourless film called by a uvula. The uvula densely adjoins to a stalk, interfering with penetration of water in a sheet vagina. At the basis of a sheet vagina ears (horns) covering a stalk are located.

Except the food direction, winter wheat is of great fodder value. Wheat bran with high content of a perevarimy protein – a good forage for all species of farm animals. For a rough forage to cattle use straw and chaff, also apply straw as construction material, to a laying an animal, paper production and so on.

Inflorescence – an ear which consists of a chlenisty kolosovy core and cones. Kolosovy the core cranked, on each knee is placed on one cone. The cone consists from two koloskovy, one or several flowers. In each flower on two floral scales – lower (external) and top (internal).

Contains in air and dry grain of wheat (%): a squirrel-18, without nitrogenous extractive substances (generally starch - 68, celluloses-2, fats-2, ashes-8, waters-16, and also enzymes and vitamins (group B and pro-vitamin. Main biological value of grain-protein. The person satisfies the need for this substance substantially at the expense of grain products. Grain of wheat is used for receiving a flour, and also in the krupyany, macaroni and confectionery industry.