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The method of an autoanaliz of a personal stress by means of maintaining "the diary of stresses" helps to find and explain reactions of the organism to stressful situations. This method demands fixing in the diary within several weeks of when and under what circumstances symptoms of a stress were found. The analysis of diary entries helps to define simply and quickly, what events or life situations promote developing of a stress. Regularly repeating situations described in the diary can be the cause of developing of a stress.

Breath can become complicated and heavy at a physical tension or in a stressful situation. The person has opportunity, consciously operating breath to use it for calm, for removal of tension – both muscular, and mental, thus, the autoregulyation of breath can become effective means of fight against a stress, along with a relaxation and concentration.

Events of the past can create difficulties at a reaction choice in the present. This event can create a phobia: the subject or a situation causes a sudden panic state because it is associated with last trauma. The phobia is the strong caused reaction fixed, as a rule, after the only experience. People never forget to show fobichesky reactions. Phobias can take the most various forms: fear of spiders or open spaces, fear of flights, etc. Whatever was the reason, reaction is the overwhelming concern.

The main conclusion can be formulated thus. The stress is an inevitability about which it is necessary to know and always to remember. Thus the stress can be expected, it is possible to be prepared for its arrival and to try to cope effectively with it.

Thus, the stress is a tension of an organism, i.e. the nonspecific answer of an organism to requirement (stressful situation) imposed to it. Under the influence of a stress the human body tests stressful tension.

The organization of an emotional stress assumes frustration. Set of frustration, alarm, and also their interrelation with allopsikhichesky and intrapsikhichesky adaptations also makes the main body of a stress.

In human life crises are noted as result of change of the course of events owing to any loss. Any client can be in a crisis situation therefore each consultant has to be able to learn crisis signs.

Unexpectedly appearing in a stressful situation, for a start it is necessary to collect all the will in a fist and to order himself to stop sharply to slow down development of acute stress. To manage to leave a condition of acute stress and to calm down, it is necessary to find an effective way of the self-help that in a critical situation quickly to orient, having resorted to this method of the help at acute stress:

G. Selye made a hypothesis that aging — a result of all stresses to which the organism during the life was exposed. It corresponds to "an exhaustion phase" of the general adaptation syndrome which somewhat represents the accelerated version of normal aging. Any stress which is especially caused by fruitless efforts leaves behind irreversible chemical changes; their accumulation causes aging signs in fabrics. Successful activity what it would not be, leaves less consequences of aging, therefore, across Selye, it is possible to live long and happily if to choose the work suitable for herself and it is successful to cope with it.

Stage 2 – the Problem. A problem of this stage – to help the client with definition and clearing of a problem and the conflict connected with a problem. The conflict can have many reasons. At the end the client has to designate the problem.